I Miss My Computer

Well I've been dying to blog.
My computer went crazy a few days ago so we had to take it in to get fixed, so I haven't been able to do anything online that I normally do! Right now I'm sitting in my college's computer lab typing this (sorry BCC, I'm sure I'm breaking some rule). I want to blog about Max turning FIVE, about my second wedding anniversary coming up (woohoo!) and some other things that of course I manage to think of when I can't type them out. So I just thought that before I headed to class and after I had done some of my online work that I would go ahead and give my followers a little shout out! I should have my computer back tomorrow I'm hoping.
I don't even have time right now to do my Thankful an a Thursday post but I will tell you one thing I am super thankful for....

That it's just my computer broken and not anyone I love.

So I'll talk to you as soon as I can,


Max's Party!

The last two weeks have been super busy! 
So I haven't had a chance to really blog the way I like to so I thought I would just leave a link to my new party website. I am trying to start up a party planning business so tell your friends about the site too! I already posted some pictures on this blog as well, here are some more personal ones though! So click this link http://tblpartiesbyjacqueline.blogspot.com/ to see my new party blog!

My family before the party. Loved our pirate themed outfits!

Ryan and Bella


Max in his custom shirt!

Blowing out his candle!

My sister and I! I am so glad she was able to be here for the party!
 My brothers, mom, and sister in law hanging out outside.
Caitlin (My sister) asked Max what face he makes on his birthday and this is what she got!
 The mess outside! The wind didn't help anything.
 The cakes destruction!
Max with all of his gifts! =)

Talk to you soon,


The Joy of Luck {Day Seven}

07: Your Rainbow.

Today is about something I look forward to in the future. I look forward to so many things though! I look forward to buying a house, to traveling with my husband, to watching my kids grow more and more every day. I look forward to where our life is going to take us. I am totally cheating on this one because I definitely didn't take the picture but I know she wouldn't mind if I used it. My family and the places we are going is my rainbow. Our future is bright as the sun and we won't be looking back.

(Photo Credit: Tracy van Dam)
Thanks for coming on this Joy of Luck journey with me! This was the last day, thank you so much for reading.
Talk to you soon,

The Joy of Luck {Day Six}

06: Who is a Blessing.

After trying to think of things as luck, I am finally in my element with this one. This question is an absolute no brainer for me. My children are my biggest blessing. The moment I knew I was going to be a mom for the first time, my life changed. I am now a much better person because of my kids. I live my life for them and without them I'd be lost. My husband is also a blessing in my life. He has showed me what love is supposed to be like. He is the daddy I've always wanted my kids to have and for that I do consider myself lucky. After experiencing first hand the kind of man that doesn't want to be a daddy (with Max's biological father), Ryan took the role to heart and hasn't looked back.

Talk to you soon,


The Joy of Luck {Day Five}

05: What Brings You Luck.

Like I said in a previous post, I don't need much luck in my life. I've got LOVE. But when I try and think of something that brings me luck I get my marriage. Since I've gotten married, my life has become more enriched. I got pregnant again after I got married, I have been able to experience more of life by being married. I think my marriage is my good luck charm.

Talk to you soon,

Thankful Thursdays- 17

Be content with what you have, for God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." So say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid." --Hebrews 13:5,6

This week was my Spring Break from school, and it was amazing. I am thankful for that and so many other things like...

161. for my sisters safe arrival back in Texas.
162. that the people in my family have such good hearts.
163. for my brother and his wife, who know when something is just the right thing to do.
164. for my mom who raised us to be generous.
165. that the gas prices I've had to pay have still been less than four dollars.
166. for Lisa, who worked with Tracy van Dam first, and thats how I learned of her.
167. that Max's party went AMAZINGLY. I couldn't have asked for it to go any smoother.
168. that even though I have a "baby daddy", I am able to forget.
169. for all the people who were able to come to Max's birthday party.
170. that my Grandma made it to California safely.

What are you thankful for this week?
Talk to you soon,


The Joy of Luck {Day Four}

04: Your Seven Favorite Material Things.

This wasn't very easy for me. I don't have very many things that I cannot live without, so I had to think of seven and this is what I came up with.
-My digital camera. (I couldn't get a picture of it). It captures moments throughout our days that I know I don't want to ever forget so I catch them and save them.
-My phone, computer, T.V. and DVR box. All three of these things keep me in touch with the outside world and help me stay sane.

-My washer and dryer. Before I had them I did laundry at my moms once a week and it was really time consuming. Ever since Ryan and I bought our own washer and dryer life as been that much easier! I do if not a load a day, then every other day.

-Lastly, my books. I love to read. Not much explanation needed. I like to have books, they make my house feel a little more cozy.

Talk to you soon,

The Joy of Luck {Day Three}

03: Lucky Symbols.

I am supposed to post a picture of something that is traditionally a symbol of good luck. I chose the cliche three leaf clover. I bought a cute one for my front door and I thought it would be perfect for this.

I have never personally found a three leaf clover but supposedly if you find one you are granted good luck for the rest of the year! Good thing I don't need much luck.

Talk to you soon,

P.S. It's been way too busy around here to keep up with the days but I'm trying to make up for it right now!


The Joy of Luck {Day Two}

02: Green.

I was out all day yesterday and by the time I got home I was wayyy too tired to blog.
So in honor of St. Patricks Day traditions, the Joy of Luck today is about something green!
I chose Gabriella's socks. I totally spaced on buying them St. Patricks Day shirts so while I was looking through her closet for something green (not so easy cause her closet is filled with pink and purple) I picked out her outfit and then I went into her sock drawer and saw the socks that I bought her just for this day last month. It totally brightened my day, and I didn't feel AS guilty. I'd say thats a little lucky. ; )

Talk to you soon,


Thankful Thursdays- 16

Just a little verse for you to think about...
Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. --Psalm 1:1

This week has been a lot of fun!

I have been blessed in too many ways to even count anymore, but I'll still try and keep up with the numbering haha.
So this week I'm thankful for tons, like...

151. that we were able to take Max and Gabriella to Lego Land for the weekend.
152. that we were able to get our family pictures taken again.
153. that my sister got here from Texas safely.
154. that my brother and sister in law got here from Northern California safely.
155. that my family comes from different places in America for my kids birthday parties.
156. that my kids will never NOT be loved.
157. for the relationship that my sister and I have created even though we didn't grow up together.
158. that we are able to put Gabriella in a pageant.
159. that Maximus is so smart.
160. for my husband who understands when some things have to be redone...because they set my OCD off.

What are you thankful for this week?
Talk to you soon,


The Joy of Luck {Day One}

01: Gift.

So there's a new Joy of class! This one is themed for the month of March and St. Patricks Day!
To sign up click HERE and input your information to receive email's about the class.

Today's Joy of Luck is about something I have that I may take for granted everyday. What I chose was clean water. I am able to go to the store and buy gallons, liters, little bottles, big bottles, any bottles really of clean filtered water. If I wanted to I could drink it from the faucet...well it wouldn't taste very good but I could. There are not only people but whole countries that cannot get this. They have to drink from wells, they have to carry their water miles from the nearest river, in buckets to last a few days. I am so fortunate to live in America where clean water is not something most of us give a second thought to.

To donate and help get clean water to different countries click HERE and help.

Talk to you soon,


L-E-G-O-L-A-N-D Weekend Part Two!

**Just sat down with my second Red Bull. This blog may not be as long as the last but there will be a lot of pictures!**

The morning of day two came super fast. I got to sleep until around 8:00! I got up and showered while everyone was still sleeping and then when I got out just woke everyone up to shower and all that good stuff before we left to hit Lego Land for the second time. Max was kinda cranky because he didn't know why we were leaving when he wanted to watch cartoons and all the regular complaints from a tired four year old. I didn't plan our outfits this day, I just packed us all something cute, so Max just thought we were going home. As we were filling up the car (so we didn't have to stop on our way home) we let Max in on the surprise and he almost jumped out of his booster seat! All we heard was "I LOVE LEGO LAND!!" hahahaa!! Then he jibber jabbered all the way back to the park. It doesn't open until 10:00 and we got there a little early (9:45ish), so Max was going crazy telling us how bad he wanted to get in there and ride some more rides.
In short we made sure Max got to ride every single ride he didn't ride the first day. I broke a nail completely off and it was super painful but thank goodness the pain subsided after about an hour. We re-rode some of his favorites and we took our time through the park this day. We spent a good hour in the Duplo Play Town, there is a little train ride in there that Max was able to go and stand in line (we were within sight) by himself and ride the train alone. He did that about a million times haha! We let Gabriella run around that little area and blow some steam off. On the way out of the park we stopped in the Water Works area and Max ended up soaking wet but it was totally worth it because he was having so much fun! Gabriella thinks she is Miss Independent and tried running away from us several times. We stopped so Ryan and Max could ride the Coastersaurus before we left for good and then headed out of the park. This time because we got to the park as early as we did we were parked even closer than the day before!

As soon as we started driving away Max was asking if we were coming back and we had to tell him no, he was pretty upset about that but literally less than five minutes after getting into the car both of the kids we knocked out. They slept until we were about an hour away from home and when they woke up they were both in terrible moods! So as soon as we got home we put them both in the bath and put them to bed not too long after that.

I am super pale so being in the sun (despite the Puerto Rican in me) does major damage to my skin, even with sunscreen, so I came away from this weekend with a slight sun burn on my arms and nose...and a major sun burn on my scalp from my hair part the first day (forgot to put sunscreen there). I long ago (I tanned for about two weeks last year) accepted my paleness and stopped trying to change it. I don't mind being white, I'd rather be pale than leave my kids without a mother too early because of skin cancer. I slathered my kids in sunscreen too, I would never want them to feel the pain of a sunburn if I can help it.

You know I can never say enough how much I love being blessed enough to be able to take my family out to do fun things. I'm blessed with a husband that works his tush off to make sure we can do these things. When Gabriella gets a little older it will be even better because she will be able to ride all of the rides with Max and it will be double the fun.

Time flies by when you're raising kids. I intend to use every free moment to make sure my kids remember their childhood with fondness instead of disdain. I want them to tell their kids all of the fun things they used to do, and I want them to tell their kids that when Grandma takes them somewhere they're going to have a blast!

Talk to you soon,