22 Weeks!

WOW! It's been 10 weeks since I updated everyone via my blog! There has been so much going on though! Ryan and I bought our first home and moved into it, which kinda kept me busy and I didn't have my computer up or anything so I couldn't really blog haha. There was other stuff in there too, my college graduation, family coming to town from Texas, a wedding, and work on top of all of that. So I figured the best time to update you would be this week! Its the first week of summer and I've got some time on my hands!

Symptoms: Wellll...I feel like I am doing MUCH better! I am still really tired all the time, but being able to just sit at home over the weekend and relax has helped with that. Other than that there isn't much to complain about!

OH! I had to come back up here and edit this part! One of the BIGGEST things happening to me right now is that I am forgetting EV-E-RY-THING!!!! I haven't felt so dumb in all my life! I keep joking that this baby is gonna be a genius with how stupid this pregnancy is making me feel! 

What I'm Eating/Craving: I'm not eating anything out of the ordinary...just the stuff I normally eat. I have craved a buffalo chicken sandwich, that new Breyers Gelato ice cream (omgahhh so DELISH), and I crave BBQ ALL THE TIME!! I can't wait to go to Texas in September and have some real BBQ!

Weight Gain: I was trying to use the same scale for tracking my weight, but I packed mine and it's still packed. As of the last doctors appointment at 20 weeks my total weight gain was 5 pounds. I'm okay with that I think, I've only got a few more months left and I haven't been binging on really anything EXCEPT the soda left over from my graduation party...oops! A little bit of whatever I'm craving or feeling like I have to eat goes a long way with me, so I don't feel like I have to deny myself anything.

What I'm Wearing: I still don't have much maternity clothes, but luckily just about everything sold right now can work as maternity clothes so I've just been buying stuff that fits haha! Maternity jeans are a must though! I only have a few pairs, but I'm off for summer so I'm really not that worried about it!

Mood: Pretty happy and content about 95% of the time, but I have my moments. I'm only human ya know! 

Due Date: Still October 13, 2014, but the delivery date as of right now is in the week before IF I make it without going into labor before then.

Next Prenatal Appointment: The end of this month, but I can't remember when, there's a card in my purse to remind me haha!

Gender Predictions: I have pictures of my belly at around 15/16 weeks pregnant with Max and around 20 weeks pregnant with Bella and the difference between the way I carried them really shocked me! So once I started showing a lot more I really started to think I was having a boy, butttt at the same time I was so sick I couldn't imagine a sweet little boy doing that to his momma! So at 15 weeks I went and had an ultrasound done, with my eyes closed the whole time, and had the tech put the gender results in an envelope so Ryan, the kids, and I could find out together. (Ryan was at work when I went.) The next morning we did a little gender reveal and had my friend/coworker take pictures of our reaction. It was soooo FUN to see my kids and ESPECIALLY Ryan react to the fact that the balloons were blue and that we were having a BOY!

I didn't care if we were having a boy or a girl really, but seeing the pure joy that was on my husband's face sealed the deal for me and I was pumped immediately that we were going to have another son. Max was soooooo excited because he just wanted to have a little brother and even though Gabriella was saying she wanted a sister she was just as excited to find out it was a boy. I think she is just happy to be having a baby in the house in general!

Baby Names: Our baby name is picked! We aren't going to be sharing it though just yet. I always have a weird thing with names and I like to kinda just keep it to myself until the baby is really here. I think there are friends of mine who already know and some close family that I've told, but I'm not ready to tell the internet.

Looking Forward To: Getting this house UNPACKED this weekend so I can start painting the baby room and start working on getting it ready for our baby boy!

I thought I would go ahead and add a picture to this post! I think that I am most confident when I am pregnant and a lot of it has to do with the fact that my husband absolutely LOVES it when I'm pregnant, so I've been taking a picture at the turn of every week. I don't mind my stretch marks, they're kinda like battle wounds for me, but dang I need some sun!

Talk to you soon,