Here & Now

Hi there! I've been kind of neglecting my blog lately. I find it harder and harder to spend much time in front of the computer these days. I've come to favor playing with my kids and doing things around the house instead of looking at a computer screen. I do miss blogging though. I miss sharing with my readers!! So I thought I'd get started again with a Here & Now post!

So I am currently...

Obsessing Over: Spring cleaning! With Max's birthday party right around the corner we have been working on getting our back yard into shape, cleaning the garage, and getting out our outside toys! My house is pretty organized and luckily I dont hang on to much so we dont really have clutter...but I will still be going through all closets and what not to rid us of anything we don't need or fit.

Thinking About: How mad it makes me that so many good things happen to bad people, when there are good people who are constantly getting hit with bad after bad. I struggle to find God in the bad things...I know they happen for a reason and he puts things in my path for a reason. But it's hard to remember that sometimes.

Working On: Our Texas trip next month. I have pretty much figured out what we will be doing nearly every day. Now it's all about getting packed up and prepared for the drive (EEK!).

Anticipating: Max's party! This is the first year that I am letting him invite someone from his class. Well its not like he's been in school for that long! But anyways, I let him pick two kids to invite, gave the parents the invitations, and now I'm hoping they show! The planning has gone pretty smoothly thank goodness. Since this is going to be a smaller party than he had last year it has been pretty easy.

Listening To: My pandora radio station of course! It's playing Evanescence "Call Me When You're Sober". Who doesn't love them?!

Eating: Nothing...well I was chewing a piece of ice, but I wouldn't consider that eating. I'm still struggling to make myself eat smarter. It's probably going to be a life long battle. I just love food!

Wishing: Selfishly...that I could fast forward time a little bit. I mean, I love everyday. I am thankful for every single day. But my patience is wearing thin in some areas of our life and I am ready for some positive. I totally agree that without the negative things in life you wouldn't be able to see all the good and positive...but when is enough, enough?

So whats new with you?
Talk to you soon,


I Guess This Is What Growing Up Feels Like

I can't imagine how it feels when all of your kids become adults and move out and start their own lives. I am so not looking forward to having an empty nest. I started thinking about it a few days ago. My kids aren't babies anymore...they're KIDS. Full on, feed themselves, sleep in their own rooms, clean up their own messes, kids. With how awkward it feels to not have to do much for my kids these days, I can't imagine how it feels to not have to do anything for them at all.

Maximus is excelling in school just like I knew he would. He is reading so well, and spelling really good too. It really amazes me the way kindergarten teachers really teach kids! He is amazing. I always say that I was really spoiled with him because he was such an easy baby. He never drew on the walls. Once he was using the potty, he never had accidents, I never had to buy even one pull-up for him. He slept hours and hours in a row. It was so easy! I personally think that God knew I would have cracked under the pressure to be a single, working two jobs mom, AND have a high maintenance kid, so he had mercy on me. Of course now that he is right on the brink of turning six, he definitely has his own personality and a loud one at that. He will never be overlooked thats for sure!

Gabriella is just as amazing as Maximus. After months of trying we finally broke the thumb sucking habit. Its been two months and counting! She hasn't had her thumb in her mouth, not even at bedtime, for so long I almost forgot what she looked like when she used to suck her thumb! I have a ton of pictures though so all I have to do is look at them if I want to see haha. It was a long long road with a few different methods along the way but the one that ended up working was putting that nail biting stuff on her thumbs. The very day that we put it on them the first time she stopped, it's really that gross. After about a week of her crying herself to sleep she got used to it. Her thumb was her comfort and she had to adjust to falling asleep without it. She is also officially potty trained! She wears a pull up for nap time and a diaper for bed time, just until she starts waking up with dry diapers, but besides those two, she is in panties all day!

So all of this change and growth with my kids is tripping me out! For some reason the fact that I have two kids has suddenly sunk in. Its like all the baby-ness has left my family and is being replaced by grown-ness!

Talk to you soon,