Stony Point High School Class of 2011

My little sister is a high school graduate! I couldn't be more proud to say that. Although I didn't exactly grow up with Caitlin she is still a huge gigantic part of my life. She is one of my best friends despite our 7 year age gap. I was only given one sister in all the kids that my mom and dad each had and I have always intended to create the kind of bond that cant be broken even with 1300 miles between us.
So I flew to Texas to go and watch my one and only (hehe) walk across that stage and start a new part of her life.

I thought I'd share a picture with you...one from my high school graduation party, and then one from this weekend.
June 2004

May 2011

Talk to you soon,


Thankful Thursday- 25

Hey there! So today I am blogging from my dads house in Texas! I'm here for a few days to watch my sister graduate high school and I just wanted to drop a quick line and let you all know that even though I didn't do my TOAT yesterday, I am super thankful that I arrived safely (although extremely tired). I do miss my kids like crazy and it kind of makes me second guess ever traveling without them again, but I know if given the chance next year to take a little break...I'll take it. Hey at least I'm being honest!

So I'll blog about my trip after I get home next week.
Have a good Memorial Day weekend!
Talk to you soon,


Thankful Thursdays- 24

This week has been pretty hectic once again. Luckily I was just tired and not emotionally overwhelmed like I was last week. I am still so thankful everyday for the things I have in life, these are just some of them.

I'm thankful for...
221. my ability to make new friends.
222. that Ryan and I are making more plans for the future.
223. that Hugo and Sandy got here safely.
224. that they still came to celebrate with me even though I am not participating in the graduation ceremony part anymore.
225. that after class today I will have that two week break before school starts up again in June.
226. that I can see what I want my future to look like, and who I want in it.
227. that my mom is out of her bed.
228. for small victories.
229. that Sandra and I have a relationship that is as close to blood sisters as it gets.
230. for the health of my kids. I just love taking them to the doctor and hearing that they are perfect. =D

What are you thankful for this week?
Talk to you soon,


Do The (clap clap) POTTY DANCE!

I'll admit it...Ryan did most of the potty training with Max. I couldn't figure out what worked with Max and how to convince him to use the potty. Ryan at the time was staying home with him while I worked so I handed this task over to him. I just figured since they both had the same equipment he could figure it out. Naturally he did. He had Max going pee pee in the potty, standing up no less, within a week or two. It was like watching a magician do a trick! Getting him to poo poo in the potty was a whole other battle. Max had a major case of stage fright I think. He would sit and sit and sit on the potty and cry because he didn't want to go, then right when I would HAVE to put him in a diaper for bed so he didn't poo poo himself, of course he would go. He never went pee in that bedtime diaper, only poo. This was majorly disappointing because Ryan and I both knew that if he would only go poo in the potty we wouldn't need diapers at all! So finally after months and months of trying we got Max to poo in the big boy potty. I dont know if it was because we moved and he got his own bathroom (like a three year old would care) or if it was just because he was getting older but a good four months later he was officially trained in the art of the potty! We rejoiced!!

Now it is Gabriella's turn! She is only 16 months old and normally I wouldn't be rushing her to do something like this BUT because she shows that she knows whats going on then why not? She knows what/where the potty is. She lets us know when she needs to be changed. She just seems so prepared. Maybe its because she is the only one in the house not using the potty, or maybe its because she is just so smart, but I definitely think she is ready. So Starting next week (since I wont have school) I will be starting the process!

I haven't bought her potty chair just yet, but I will this week. This is the cutest thing ever too...

Just cause its a potty doesn't mean it cant be cute! Apparently it sings a song or something when the sensor is set off by the pee or poo. What can be more fun for a kid?! I would just be teaching her on the big potty but because she isn't abnormally tall the way Max was she cant actually even reach it.

Of course if this doesn't go well then I will stop and try again when she is two. It never hurts to give it a shot though right?!

Talk to you soon,


Thankful Thursdays- 23

Then you will call, and the lord will answer; you will cry for help, and he will say: "Here I am." --Isaiah 58:9

From last Thursday to this one I have gone through just about every emotion possible. I'm feeling quite drained but all I can do is turn to my Lord, tell him whats wrong, and wait. I know no matter how weary I am feeling, or how burnt out I am, he wont give me more than I can handle and when I am feeling overwhelmed he guides me in the right direction and puts my priorities back in order. Without him I know I would be lost.

So I am thankful for all things in my life; big and small, good and bad. This is just some of them.
211. even with the slight complications of the anesthetics, my mom will be okay eventually.
212. that she's finally at home.
213. that my classes for this semester are finally coming to an end, I wont be feeling sad when I log into each them for the last time next week.
214. for the support that my husband gives me.
215. that good things come to those who wait.
216. for peace of mind even when bitterness starts trying to creep its way into my heart.
217. for Allison who is the only person I have in my life that will drop all she is doing to watch my kids when I have an emergency.
218. that there are 24 hours in a day.
219. for books that I can get lost in when I'm in need of a quick escape. (I read two good books while my mom was in surgery and recovery)
220. for the generic pillow pets (Koo Koo Play Pals); they're cheaper, just as soft, AND they make noise...made my kids smile for a fraction of the regular ones!

So what are you thankful for this week?
Talk to you soon,


From My Husbands Fingers.

I thought that I would showcase my husband a little bit today. I did a little interview with him and asked him to type in his own words the answers. While he was at work I came up with a few questions (with the help of some Facebook friends) and typed them up in a word program and when he came home from the gym he sat down and answered them for me. I hope you enjoy seeing things through his eyes for once. I'm hoping to make this a regular thing...like maybe once a month. Sometimes I'll just torture him, other times I will ask my friends to do it.

For the record, state your name, age, and occupation. (hehe)
--Ryan Andrew Hill, 24, I work as a contractor on the marine base, started a new job in Yermo today!

Obviously you’re the only husband I’ve ever had and I’m the only wife you’ve ever had. But just for the sake of vanity, how do I compare to other women/girls you’ve been in a serious relationship with?
--Well you compare above all the rest because I married you. (DUH) lol I mean of course every girl I’ve been with in the past I cared about in some TINY way but you were and are different, you showed me love and compassion and care about me in a way that they couldn’t do, and you can handle my crazy, weird, confident, and foolish butt lol (they couldn’t). You remind me that your feelings for me will never die, you just look at me in a way no other girl ever has.

How does it feel to be married to your first love even when you thought you had lost me for good?
--It feels awesome! Not many people get the chance to marry their first love. You hurt me then I hurt you but we still cared about each other a lot so I always knew if there ever was a chance for us to be together again we would.

How was it to come into a relationship with me when I had a baby with another man? How did that effect the choices you made after we became boyfriend and girlfriend officially?
--Well it really wasn’t weird if people know the situation, I mean I was hesitant for sure but who wouldn’t love me? I’m glad you gave me the opportunity to come into Maximus’ life though, you trusted me. Max and I have always had a deep connection since he was a baby. Now I love him to death, I consider him my son, my own flesh and blood I would do anything for him he’s my little dude and I love teaching him new things and watching him grow and learn and teach me new things everyday.

How do you like being a father? What are some of your most memorable moments thus far?

--It’s the greatest feeling a man could have I love being a father more than anything! The most memorable moment? I have to pick one? uhhhhhhhh I guess it would be the day she was born and seeing what a beautiful baby we made together (even though I knew all along she would be gorgeous) ;) I’ll never forget the first time Maximus told me he loved me and that I was his best friend. I knew I was doing a good job when I heard those words.

How hard do you think my job as a stay at home mom is? Would you be able to hang?
--I think its pretty tough honestly, sometimes I’m sure its cake because we don’t have bad kids but I know it can be hard they can be a pain in the butt sometimes. I can do anything  and besides they’re only bad for you lol I think I could hang with these monsters because I’m a monster!

What do you see in our future as husband and wife?

--Well I want to grow old with you, and I know you want to grow old with me so I’m seeing this husband and wife living a fulfilling life together and then dieing together. hahaha!

How about the future for our kids?

--They’re like PB&J Maximus loves Gabriella to death and Gabriella loves Maximus to death, they are best friends I think they will be pretty close their whole lives, he’s going to be her protector and she’s going to get him into a lot of trouble. He’s always going to be beating fools up for messing with his sister or even looking at her hahaha!

Did you enjoy letting my readers see a little into your brain today?

--It was coo I guess, tried to keep it as real as possible, probably not as interesting a person like you are. lol

I love you babe.

--I love you too baby, thanks for putting up with me you’re the best wife this guy could have!

Talk to you soon,


Happy Mothers Day

First I just want to say, although my kids obviously cannot read this blog, that I love them more than anything else in this world. I love every up and even though I don't know it when its happening, I love every down. There is nothing in this world that will ever separate me from my children without my permission. There is nothing that will ever come between my children and myself. We are forever connected because whether they like it or not I cooked them up in my belly and went through all the pain of a c-section and this is just cause for me to be in their business for as long as I can be. (hahaha) 

Secondly I want to say, motherhood is not always peaches and cream. Motherhood is lots of crying, poopy diapers, tantrums, screaming, negotiating, sacrificing, sleepless nights...and days, baths, trips to the ER, cartoons you cant stand, vomit, stepping on Legos, breaking up fights, tripping over race car tracks, cleaning up stepped on Cheetos, and so much more than I can type right now. On the flip side there is so much good. That's why we keep going back for more. There is the cuddles, the kisses, the hugs, the laughter, the closets filled with tiny dresses, the hand painted pictures from your school age baby BIG KID, the sound of those little voices, the good pictures you get (that dont require bribery), the tons of I love you's, the happy screeches, the proud look on their faces when they've learned something new, the look on their faces when you've totally convinced them that you're a magician, and many many many more.

If there is one thing I have learned as a mother, its that motherhood is absolutely not a chore. It is a privilege that not everyone gets. It is a chance to do your best to raise a little person into a big person that may one day do some good in our world. I wouldn't give back my shot at this for millions of dollars.

Take the time today to thank a GOOD mother. You never know what her child may do for you one day.

Talk to you soon,


Thankful Thursdays- 22

I am still thankful for every single thing in my life but this week one thing outshines them all.

I am so very thankful to our Lord that my mom made it through her surgery yesterday with no complications. I'm not even going to list all of the other things I would normally list because this deserves its own day. I'm sorry I didn't actually post it on a Thursday but I was in the hospital with her all day yesterday. I'd appreciate your prayers for her quick recovery.

I know too many people who have lost their mothers to soon and I cannot imagine losing my own mom. My world would not be the same without her.

Talk to you soon,


Workin' On My Fitness

I feel like my blog has been a little heavy lately, to say the least.
So I thought I'd post some fun stuff...LIKE
My war against my weight!

I don't really know what it is that is keeping me from losing my baby weight with how hard I feel like I've been trying. I don't drink soda (hardly ever), I stopped drinking sweet tea (ugh made some yesterday), and I don't eat the crap I was eating before (well not everyday).

Wait a minute, now I can see it. Hahahaha!!

Starting today I will NEVER drink soda, I will let Allison finish my pitcher of sweet tea, and I will no longer eat the bad stuff AT ALL.

I've had a gym membership for a long long time and when it came time to renew it Ryan and I talked really seriously about it because the usage that it didn't get from me in the past year was a serious waste of money. We decided to go ahead and renew it because I should be able to find the time to get in there for at least an hour a day and burn some calories.

Well that was two weeks ago and I still haven't gone. Yes I have been ridiculously busy and yes I have been crazy tired but I still dont have a valid excuse for not driving the thirty seconds it takes to get there, getting out of my car, and doing a few miles on the treadmill...whats wrong with me??

I do think that too much emphasis is put on a persons weight and body shape. Not everyone has to be super skinny to look good. I also know that Ryan loves my body exactly the way that it is. So what is making me feel this way? The 19 year old inside of me with no kids and no baby belly that keeps saying "This isn't you Jacqui! This is not what you are meant to look like!!"

So for today I will make sure to only drink water....and a Red Bull (instead of two). I will eat one slice of 12 grain bread with plain tuna and a slice of tomato for lunch. I will even try and make it to the gym.

With a supportive husband and a mean, skinny 19 year old in my head I should be able to meet my goal of -30 pounds by the end of the year.

Here's to shedding those pounds! (Cheers with an invisible vanilla milkshake from McDonalds!)

Talk to you soon,



I am so so so happy and thankful that I live a life with no shame.

I have no shame in my marriage.
I have no shame in my children.
I have no shame in my love for my Lord.

I have no shame that I can live an honest life with nothing hidden and nothing that is not mine.

I have never really thought in terms of shame until recently when it was brought to my attention that some people must have a lot of shame in their lives. They cannot speak without lying, type without lying, walk without lying, or even dream with lying. No matter if they're lying to themselves or to the world. They're lying and their hearts are filled with shame.

I am proud, and honored, and blessed to have my husband.
I am proud, and honored, and blessed to have my children.
I am proud, and honored, and blessed to have my Lord.

You better believe I wont let you forget it either. Look forward to seeing my internet profiles up for many many years to come.

Talk to you soon,