8 Weeks 1 Day

What a journey it has been to get to this blog post! 

Ryan and I have been wanting to expand our family for some time now, but we finally made the leap and I had my IUD removed (TMI?) the first week of November 2012 (!!!). We thought it was the perfect time and just assumed that I would get pregnant pretty quickly because I was a lot healthier than I was before, the effects from the IUD disappear almost immediately after being removed, and we had been praying about it. We had no idea it would take over a year to finally get a positive pregnancy test! 

After many months of tears (from me of course haha) and frustration, and lots and lots of praying we are so so so thrilled to be expecting another little baby Hill! So without further ado, here is my first official pregnancy update! I'm not sure what I will be calling them yet, or if I will just title them with how far along I am. I think I am going to update every two weeks until its starts to get more interesting haha! I have been wanting to do a pregnancy blog since I first started blogging 100 years ago! 

First Signs of Pregnancy: Super tender breasts and I was yawning constantly while I was running on the treadmill! I didn't really think anything of it at first until a few days later when it wouldn't stop!

First Positive Pregnancy Test: February 10! I took another one on the 11th and 12th too, just to be sure! 

First Prenatal Appointment: March 3! So exciting! I nearly cried at the sound of the baby's heart beat and the fluttering on screen! 

Pregnancy Symptoms: SUPER NAUSEOUS all of the time, extreme exhaustion, major food aversions (from just about all food), and I can't drink anything but water. I was already off of caffeine and sodas for the last six months or so, but I was drinking decaf iced tea with a packet of Truvia, now I cant even stomach that, its ice water all day everyday. 

Weight Gain: EEK! Not much, 4 pounds. I'm going to be trying to keep that number pretty low this time around! The first two I kinda went crazy and indulged in everything I desired, but it took a long time to get all that weight off so I don't want to go through all that again.

What I'm Wearing: My regular clothes most of the time, except with the addition of a Belly Band. I don't feel like I actually look pregnant just yet, but I am definitely showing A LOT faster this time around. 

Mood: Varying between elated with life to beyond miserable. Being as sick as I am this time its been quite hard for me to find the joy in everyday things. Seeing the baby yesterday though turned me around and reminded me why I am voluntarily going through this. Added to that is a twinge of fear of the future, I am terrified of the delivery, terrified of working while having a baby, terrified of basically everything that comes with adding another person into the mix. 

Due Date: October 13, 2014! I know I will deliver before then, c section and all, but I am very excited that its within the same year of getting pregnant because then it doesn't seem as far away! (In my head at least!)

Gender Predictions: I am really leaning towards another girl. I just have a feeling that Max will be my only son.  

Baby Names: We've already got two names picked out for boys, but we cant agree on a girl name! I don't think we are going to share the name until after the baby is born though! 

Looking Forward To: The end of the first trimester! Not only will I feel so much better to be out of the dreaded danger zone, I'm excited for the calmness of the second trimester. I can't wait to not feel sick anymore! 

I think that's it for now, folks! I'll share a belly picture once I feel like I look more pregnant that like I just had a big dinner! Let me know if there is anything I am leaving out that you might be interested in!

Talk to you soon,

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