10 Weeks!

Finally in the double digits of pregnancy! The time is ticking by so slowly right now and that doesn't really surprise me because pregnancy goes by so slowly no matter how much you enjoy it. I cant even think of anything else that lasts for only 9 (or 10 depending on who you ask) months but seems to last an entire lifetime.

Symptoms: Still feeling nauseous 99% of the time and actually started throwing up last week. Wahhh! Really tired at random times during the day which leads to me not getting much done around the house.

What I'm Eating/Craving: I don't think I'm really having cravings for anything yet...except soda! I hate it so much, but I broke down and had three fountain Dr. Peppers last week! Luckily on Saturday I didn't finish the one I got that day because I started to feel too sick. I'm hoping I can go back to no caffeine. I'm not really eating different because nothing sounds good...ever. I can't wait to be enjoying food again.

Weight Gain: Well this week I am actually down 3 pounds so total weight gain so far is only 1 pound! I'll be really excited to get out of the first trimester with only 1 pound gained! 

What I'm Wearing: Still wearing my regular clothes most of the time, but I have started wearing a pair of maternity jeans that are too comfy to keep put away any longer. 

Mood: Really emotional all the time, really stressed out about the rest of the year and all of the different things going on, but I'm feeling pretty happy most of the time.  

Due Date: Still October 13, 2014.

Next Prenatal Appointment: March 31st! Can't wait!

Gender Predictions: I'm actually floundering between boy or girl! I just can't tell anymore! I feel like only a daughter would make a pregnancy so hard, but then again my face is a lot clearer than it normally is and I don't know if I should contribute that to my new skincare routine or to the fact that its a boy. Gahhh!

Baby Names: I've never had any problem thinking of names before I was pregnant or even when I was pregnant with my other kids, but suddenly there isn't a baby girl name that Ryan and I can really agree on and stick with! Naming kids is so important to me and I put a lot of thought into how it will impact their future and all of that kind of stuff so this time around I guess it's just gonna be a longer process than it has been before. 

Looking Forward To: I am still so excited for the end of the first trimester! I can't wait to feel like a human again and not like the hosting body for an alien parasite!

It seems like this post is a lot of complaining, but I have to be honest right? I am so so so very blessed to be having another baby, but it doesn't mean that the first trimester doesn't still suck for me! 

Talk to you soon,


  1. Want me to mail you some BBQ? LOL!!

  2. We Love you! I love reading your blogs! It will get better soon!! Can't wait to see you in July!