12 Weeks!

Holy smokes! It's the last week of the first trimester! WOO HOO!! Come Monday next week I'm gonna be walking around looking like I just won the lottery!

Symptoms: Dare I say...the constant nausea is wearing off. KNOCK ON WOOD RIGHT NOW!! I am still getting sick randomly, but at least it isn't the all day long, why does this baby hate me, someone save me sickness. I am still extremely tired most of the time though.

What I'm Eating/Craving: No actual cravings just yet. I am finally able to drink tea again so I haven't been turning to soda anymore thank goodness! I am excited that I have been able to eat a wider variety of foods lately though!

Weight Gain: No weight gain since the last update. Still sitting at 1 pound gained in the first trimester! 

What I'm Wearing: I'm having to wear maternity bottoms now, which I don't have too many of. Looks like I'll be making some online purchases here pretty soon!

Mood: Happy most of the time. I was under a lot of stress the last few weeks so I was pretty crabby for a few days, but I think I'm doing better now.  

Due Date: Still October 13, 2014.

Next Prenatal Appointment: April 28th. My appointment today went great and I got to see the baby stretching and moving all around! I swear it already looks like Gabriella from the side! 

Gender Predictions: I still have no clue! Most days I think it's a girl, but then other days I second guess myself.

Baby Names: We are definitely still struggling with a girl name! Leave any suggestions that you may have! I am totally open to them!

Looking Forward To: Finding out the gender! I am going to go at 15 weeks and pay to have an ultrasound done. My OBGYN doesn't tell the sex at all for some reason so I'm going to have to make it happen myself!

We got 3 huge boxes of diapers today in the mail from my grandma and they are actually the first baby anything that we have in our house for this baby and it seriously made me so excited and made everything feel even more real! I am so in love with this baby already its gonna be hard for me to have patience for the next 6 months!

Talk to you soon,

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